Lydham and More

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Motte and Bailey Castle at Lydham. Shropshire Council

Motte and Bailey Castle at Lydham. Shropshire Council

Both Lydham and More boast medieval motte and bailey castles once owned by the powerful Roger of Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury. But the notorious Wild Edric owned them before the Normans ruled. More was built as part of the border defenses. King Henry I commanded the Lord of More to marshal 200 foot soldiers under his banner to support him.  They rode in the vanguard when taking the battle to the Welsh.

Satellite images show how well More’s medieval settlement and castle have been preserved. These have been overlain with later ridge and furrow fields, water meadows and the mill race to Lydham Mill. These days the skyline is dominated by the squat tower of St Peter’s Church. Inlaid in its floor are two portions of Roman mosaic.  These are thought to have come from a villa site in Linley excavated in 1855.

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