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Moated Site And Fishponds 250m Sw Of Middleton Farm, Little Weston

01217 · Fishpond · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: A well preserved example of a medieval moated residence, together with two small fishponds which would have helped to feed the household.

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Weston Lead Mine

04614 · Lead Mine · Shropshire Council HER

Lead mine of early to mid 19th century date, with extensive series of adits.

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Earthwork Mounds On Middleton Hill

01868 · Rabbit Warren · Shropshire Council HER

Six possible pillow mounds of probable medieval to post medieval date, with two circular mounds which are possibly round barrows of Bronze Age date, and a further circular mound, doubtfully a pillo...

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Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle

XPH/M/15/18 · n.d. · Shropshire Archives

Standing stones with Long Mountain in background.

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Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle

XPH/M/15/7 · 5 Jul 1980 · Shropshire Archives

Standing stone with Stapeley Hill and cairn in background.