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More Church Font, Mosaic Floor and Chair

XPH/M/18/34 · June 1982 · Shropshire Archives

Close-up view.

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More Church, part of North Wall

XPH/M/18/20 · 16 Aug 1981 · Shropshire Archives

Part of north wall with gravestones of Walter Edward Barrett and Arthur Walter Barrett.

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Woodwork Church Farm, More

XPH/M/18/8 · June 1982 · Shropshire Archives

Close-up of part timber-frame road elevation.

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More Church from South

XPH/M/18/15 · 1979 · Shropshire Archives

Part elevation from south of tower and nave.

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More Church Nave and Chancel

XPH/M/18/42 · June 1982 · Shropshire Archives

View down aisle with box pews, altar, east window, lectern, pulpit opening to More chapel and More coat of arms on east wall.