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More Church Font and Mosaic Floor

XPH/M/18/33 · June 1982 · Shropshire Archives

Close-up of font with mosaic flooring.

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More Church Tower Base from West

XPH/M/18/18 · 16 Aug 1981 · Shropshire Archives

Tower base, More chapel and churchyard wall with gravestones.

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More Church from South East

XPH/M/18/16 · 16 Aug 1981 · Shropshire Archives

South and east elevations with gravestones in foreground.

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Lydham Church (Holy Trinity), doorway

XPH/L/34/5 · 1982 · Shropshire Archives

Open door in porch, west end of church. June 1982. S.J.Stowe

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Sub-circular Ditched Enclosure, 250m E Of More Farm

31510 · Sub Circular Enclosure · Shropshire Council HER

A sub-circular ditched enclosure identified during 2013 aerial photographic survey.

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Water Meadows And Drainage Systems At More

01224 · Water Meadow · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: Extensive earthwork remains of water meadows and drainage systems of Medieval or Post Medieval date. (Partly falls within Scheduled area).

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Motte And Bailey Castle, More

01223 · Fishpond? · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: A well-preserved medieval motte and bailey (earthwork) castle which incorporates the remains of an earlier medieval ringwork (an earthwork fortification) and is closely associat...

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Motte And Bailey Castle 100m W Of Holy Trinity Church, Lydham

01225 · Motte And Bailey · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: A fine example of a medieval motte and bailey castle, strategically situated at the confluence of the River Onny and the River Camlad and close to other medieval features such a...

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Church Of The Holy Trinity, Lydham

13649 · Parish Church · Shropshire Council HER

A 13th century parish church, which is protected by Grade II* Listing.