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2015 Heritage appraisal of Snailbeach Farm, Snailbeach by Ian Pryce Property Services

41998 · Shropshire Council HER

In 2015, an heritage appraisal was undertaken of traditional agricultural buildings at Snailbeach Farm in association with their proposed conversion to residential use. <1>

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2014 DBA of land at Resting Hill, Snailbeach by Richard K Morriss

01344 · Shropshire Council HER

There are proposals to build a new dwelling on a parcel of land within the village of Snailbeach in south-western Shropshire. This report concludes that the impact on designated and nondesignated h...

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2016 Heritage impact assessment of proposed new house adjacent to No 32, Snailbeach by CJR Heritage

C · Shropshire Council HER

A desk-based assessment was undertaken in association with the proposed construction of a new house adjacent to No 32, Snailbeach. <1>

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1995 building recording and WB during consolidation works on the crusher house complex etc. at Snailbeach by SCCAS

17322 · Shropshire Council HER

In 1995 an on going programme of repairs at Snailbeach lead mine involved the consolidation of the Crusher House and Manager’s Office complex. In view of the historical and archaeological sign...

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1994-1995 WB on Phase 2 of the Snailbeach Lead Mine reclamation works by SCCAS

00984 · Shropshire Council HER

The Phase 2 of the Snailbeach Mine reclamation works commenced in August 1994 and continued until January 1995. A programme of restoration and consolidation was also undertaken on the more importan...