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Coldyeld Mine And Mine Workings, The Knolls

01314 · Barytes Mine · Shropshire Council HER

A dispersed linear group of lead mine workings of 20th century date and a barytes mine of 20th century date. With the exception of the northern most shaft within this group, these workings are cons...

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Nipstone Mine, On Nipstone Rock

01314 · Barytes Mine · Shropshire Council HER

Barytes mine of 19th century and later date, consisting of a Shaft, a Level and spoil heap.

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2014 investigation of aerial ropeway at The Bog by the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

09617 · Shropshire Council HER

The Bog Mine is an extensive lead/barytes mine centred at SO 355 977 in the parish of Shelve in south-west Shropshire. In the period June-August 2014, one surviving feature on the site, the terminu...

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The Bog Mine

01314 · Lead Mine · Shropshire Council HER

The Bog Mine is one of the oldest mines in the Stiperstones region. The main vein worked was the Bog Vein which ran approximately E/W dipping 45 degrees to the south. Three shafts which are known a...

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1983 watching brief at the Bog Mine by Shropshire County Council

34112 · Shropshire Council HER

Watching brief undertaken by Mike Watson/Penny Ward in February/March 1983, SCC HET during safety works being carried out at the site on behalf of the County Planning Department and which resulted ...