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Rose Cottage

22729 · Farmstead · Shropshire Council HER

Rose Cottage, a farmstead first identified and classified by the Historic Farmsteads Characterisation Project, 2008 – 2010, (ESA6427), largely from the digital version of the c.1900 OS large s...

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Cultivation Ridges On Middleton Hill

CCS_MSA2859 · Cultivation Ridge? · Shropshire Council HER

A field system of possible cultivation ridges of unknown date.

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Curscote Lynchet Field System

04340 · Field System · Shropshire Council HER

Lynchet field system of unknown date.

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Upper Stapeley Farm (mountford), Stapeley

16297 · House · Shropshire Council HER

A house, which was built at sometime between 1500 and 1914

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Field System Remains At Mitchell’s Fold

01230 · Ridge And Furrow · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: Banks and ridges representing the remains of an abandoned field system, of unknown date but later than the late Neolithic/ Bronze Age Mitchell's Fold stone circle complex.