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Churchyard, Holy Trinity, Lydham

05119 · Churchyard · Shropshire Council HER

Contains the C13 church (PRN 13649) and tithe barn (PRN 05118) on the lower ground next to the road.

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Tenement Plots To South Of Church, Lydham

05120 · Tenement · Shropshire Council HER

This site represents: a tenement of medieval date.

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The Smithy, Lydham

05115 · Blacksmiths Workshop · Shropshire Council HER

This site represents: a blacksmiths workshop of post medieval date.

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Standing Stone C 30m W Of Church Farm

01858 · Standing Stone · Shropshire Council HER

Possible standing stone of unknown date, lying lengthwyays along roadside.

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Cropmarks Of Enclosures C 290m N Of Bromleysmill

02371 · Field System · Shropshire Council HER

Cropmarks of two polygonal enclosures and associated features of unknown date.