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2011 Geophysical and topographic survey of Hoarstones stone circle by University of Worcester Student

01231 · Shropshire Council HER

In April 2011, a topographic and geophysical survey was carried out at Hoarstones Stone circle (PRN 0131) by a University of Worcester Student. Topgoraphic survey focused on the position of two rou...

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2017 Photographic record and WB at former miners cottage, Woodmine, Gravels by Castlering Archaeology

33032 · Shropshire Council HER

This report contains the results of a programme of archaeological work comprising a photographic record and monitoring of ground reductions on the site of a derelict former miners cottage. The dere...

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Ladywell Lead Mine, Shelve

01320 · Lead Mine · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: Ladywell lead mine operated in the 19th to early 20th century and forms part of an extensive lead mining landscape. Its engine house is Scheduled as a rare survival of a dual-pu...