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Ridge And Furrow, Habberley

04336 · Ridge And Furrow · Shropshire Council HER

This site represents: ridge and furrow of medieval date.

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Former Pontesbury Hill Apostolic Chapel

28998 · Catholic Apostolic Church · Shropshire Council HER

A wooden chapel was built in 1926 and was still in use c.1968, which is now used as a store.

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Earls Hill Camp

01050 · Cross Dyke · Shropshire Council HER

Scheduled Monument: A complex of earthworks on Earl's Hill and Pontesbury Hill, now believed to include both a Bronze Age cross dyke (either a boundary earthwork or a defensive feature) and a multi...

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The Apostolic Church, Pontesbury Hill (north elevation)

XPH/P/15/145 · 19 May 1992 · Shropshire Archives

Building is constructed entirely of wooden boards with a corrugated iron roof. A door, window and notice-board can be seen and 'The Apostolic Church' is painted on a wooden board above the door.

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North elevations of Pontesbury Wesleyan chapel and schoolroom

XPH/P/15/133 · 19 May 1992 · Shropshire Archives

This is an angled view of the gable ends of both buildings with the chapel in the foreground; both are brick-built. Chapel has round-headed windows and a pointed doorway. The word 'Wesleyan' is ins...

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Wesleyan chapel, Pontesbury

XPH/P/15/130 · Late 19th century · Shropshire Archives

Side view of chapel which is of brick with a slate roof. Six round-headed windows are shown and four buttresses. The chapel is surrounded by a stone wall and a woman with a group of children stand ...

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Entrance door to Pontesbury Wesleyan Chapel, Pontesbury Hill

XPH/P/15/137 · 19 May 1992 · Shropshire Archives

Chapel is brick-built and with a pointed arch on the doorway and wooden door. A round-headed window and wooden notice board can be seen. The date 1897 is inscribed above doorway and 'Pontesbury Met...

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South elevation of Pontesbury Wesleyan Chapel.

XPH/P/15/135 · 19 May 1992 · Shropshire Archives

Chapel is brick-built with pairs of round-headed windows and buttresses. Dedication stones can be seen set into the brickwork. Map ref is given as SJ 397056.

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Buttressing on Pontesbury Wesleyan chapel and schoolroom

XPH/P/15/136 · 19 May 1992 · Shropshire Archives

View is of an alleyway running between the two buildings. Both are brick-built and buttresses and round-headed windows can be seen. Map ref is given as SJ 397056.

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Interior view of Pontesbury Wesleyan Methodist chapel

XPH/P/15/138 · 10 June 1990 · Shropshire Archives

Photo is taken looking across wooden pews towards pulpit. 'Enter his Courts with Praise' is painted on plaster above pulpit. Round-headed windows and wooden roof beams can also be seen. There are f...